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Taking the slop out of seatbelts

I have a 1994 Dodge Dakota Pick-up and both of the seat belts are loosing their tention to stay snug …when not in use. This makes it a pain to have to always be sure the belt is out of the way…before closing the door. Is there some way to adjust these to take that slop out.

Hey Now, That Truck Is 17 - 18 Years Old. That’s A Senior Citizen In Truck Years. If That’s The Truck’s Most Annoying Feature Then I’d Just Try And Live With It.

Most seniors need a little helping hand and people cutting them some slack.

On a more serious note, are the retractors down at the bottom of the vehicle ? Have you pulled the trim and had a look at them ? I wonder if there’s any corrosion or dirt down there or if the springs are just getting old.

Seat belts are usually not a service item, rather they are just replaced, probably more from a liability standpoint. If it was mine, I’d have a look and maybe shoot a little non-staining clear silicone spray into the reel mechanisms with a can / straw and try that.


Yep…I’m not one to get rid of a faithful vehicle, just because it’s got a bit of wear.
Can’t watch the road go by thru the floorboards yet???

I had not taken the trim off to inspect them. They just feel like the springs are getting weak, not anything jamming the retraction.
I thought that I’d ask before pulling it apart and finding there was nothing to do to adjust them.

I think I will pull the trim and use your sugestion and lube them anyway.

Thanks for the response.