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Car Seat Back Won't Stay Up

So, I sat in the driver’s seat of my 2003 Caravan SE and I felt something break. Now the seat back won’t stay in the position I had it in. Previously I had it about 15 degrees inclined. Now it’s back about 30 degrees. So when I’m driving, there’s no back support, except in the lower back, where it’s still touching me.

Is there any way to fix this, or do I need to look for a new chair somewhere? And, if so, where?


Go to the parts department of your local Dodge dealer and describe the problem. They have exploded diagrams of the assemblies, and probably have one for your seat. That should show you the parts you might need to fix the problem. I say parts because there is a probably a gear-like mechanism that mates when you release the adjustment handle. You could buy both parts, or disassemble the seat and see what is broken. Since it stops at 30-degrees, I’d guess one or more gear teeth are broken, but you won’t know until you inspect.

Or you could go to a “recycled auto parts” seller (junk yard) and see if you can find a functioning replacement seat.