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94 accord wagon exhaust price fair?

After visiting my local yellow chain store, i was quoted $590 for a cat back (not including the cat) exhaust replacement. This seemed a bit high to me, but i really don’t know. The system included a pipe with a piece of flex pipe and a tricky bend. The shop said this is why the repair would cost so much. I had this repair done on a 89 honda 5 years ago and was charged $120 for everything. Does this quote sound reasonable for my car, or should i not have worn my Armani suit into the repair shop?

Why not search for a local muffler shop? Look for anything without a national name in the yellow pages. Often free coffee and a nifty jingle on TV conceals a pretty bad deal.

Just tried. The local yellow pages here in centennial Colorado produced no listings containing the words muffler shop. I’m from back east near Philadelphia and around there you could find a “muffler shop” about every five miles like clockwork. What gives? Maybe this explains the variation in price.

Why don’t you itemize the proposed parts. “Cat back” isn’t that helpful, regardless of how “swell” it sounds.
You can go to and comparison shop for parts: A rule of thumb is that the shop has a markup of 50% over what you would pay at the parts store for that same part number.

Thanks for the tip! listed what i needed…(exhaust pipe assembly) This Exhaust Pipe! for 124.99 plus this Exhaust Muffler for 104.99. Factor in what i need for gaskets and a spring bolt kit and we’re talking way over what the yellow shop charged for parts.

Alas i did find this E-BAY retailer selling what i think will work, all gaskets and bolts included for 169.99!! Anyone have experience with MAC auto parts? I’m reluctant to buy this type of thing off ebay, but it does kinda look like this kit is exactly what i need.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’ve had original stainless steel exhaust pipe, from the cat, back, to last about eight years. Then, I’d put on Walker brand parts which would only last two or three years (evidently, not stainless steel). Try to ensure that the replacement parts are stainless steel. If not specified, the parts probably are not stainless steel (may not be, even, if claimed).