99 Outback Exhaust/Muffler

So, my 1999 Subaru Outback had a little more throaty sound to it than usual. Wasn’t LOUD, but louder. Noise was coming from what sounded like the center of the car rather than in the back by the muffler. Brought it to a local guy who specializes in Japanese autos.

Said that the flanges on these cars are so thin and rot away, and that I needed a new center pipe and muffler. I’m not 100% sure how those two are connected. Quoted for $715, which is a little steep for a car this age, so I wanted to make sure that’s what it really needed.

I have the car, and he was nice enough to give me print out with the problem. Also said the dealer would probably quote me a lot more. I was thinking of checking with the local Subaru dealer, and maybe a muffler shop.

Does that sound like the correct diagnoses?

What are my chances of getting this at a better price?

What he said seems OK, but I tend to believe the price is a bit high.

I would suggest getting a quote from an exhaust shop. A after market muffler and some pipe should not be that high IMO.

Ah, well I believe he quoted me a price for a Subaru exhaust and muffler.

Kind of a pain, but I imagine some people pay that much to make their cars sound like this.