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Cost to replace full exhaust on 07 Nissan Murano?

Just wondering if anyone knows the price to have a full exhaust replaced? The only good part is the exhaust manifold but everything else is rusted out.


Go here and enter your information.

And it’ll give you some idea how much it will cost to do the repair.


I looked there, but they only give the price for manifold and catalytic. Thanks for replying though appreciate it.

Make sure to check with a local, non-chain muffler shop for a quote.

They tend to be significantly less than the dealer and/or chain shops (Midas, etc.).

personally, I would go for “direct fit” components, rather than having local muffler shop to assemble a “Frankenstein exhaust” from universal parts

you can get a general idea on direct-fit parts here:,2007,murano,3.5l+v6,1434436,exhaust+&+emission

labor to put it in will wary from “weekend entertainment project” to “local shop to put it on”

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That is not my experience. The last exhaust system I had was by a muffler shop that bent and welded the whole system from stock pipes and it included muffler and catalytic convertor.

Lucky you!
I’ve been watching a “job” done by local shop for one friend of mine, which was hanging too low to the ground and I was afraid even to ask if it will simply fall off.
Probably it proves nothing, it’s more about myself taking control on what goes on my car.

I agree. I only use “direct fit” components.
A certain chain shop has been know to weld a system together using their own components designed to fit multiple vehicles, and then guaranteeing the components… but not the work… for life. A component craps out and, since it’s welded together nobody else wants to touch it, the customer is left returning to the scene of the crime and paying the shop to weld in another crappy (but free under warranty) component and paying too much for the labor.

This is appx what I’m seeing using OEM parts

Front Cat 2.5 hours/$700
Rear Cat 1 hour/$700
Exhaust pipe 1 hour/$1000
Front Muffler 1/2 hour/$400
Rear Muffler 1/2 hour/$400

There’s probably other low cost parts involved which add to the sum, and you probably get a substantial discount in the hours needed when you do it all at once.

$2300.00 for an exhaust system. I am going vehicle shopping at that price.

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DIY price is much less, but for my Pathfinder for example I was estimating something like $800 if I needed to replace everything with a decent quality direct fit components (4 cats!), and it is for parts only…

Last exhaust system repair, muffler bender guy was less than parts for total cost, and welded the split catalytic converter for $10.

I might pose the following. The vehicle is an '07. If an '07 vehicle has the entire exhaust system rotted out then what else is rotted? Suspension? Subframes? Is the entire car eaten up with rust weevils from life in the Rust Belt?

I have '06 Nissan Pathfinder and when I bought it 9 moth ago, cats on one side were indeed rotted away, while the frame and body were in very decent shape, very few rust spots I was able to clean/convert/protect easily, and still exhaust system was a total trash on one side. Another side was shining new (thanks to prior owner). 10 years seem to be what Nissan holds on exhaust before rusting through?