2010 Volkswagen Fox - Pricey exhaust

my back box fell off this morning so I rang a tyres and exhaust specialist and they estimated anywhere between £150 and £350 for a new exhaust system. When I took my car to them they lifted it up on the ramp and then pointed to different bits of the exhaust whilst saying “that’s F*****!” for each bit. they said I would need a new Mani/CAT, flexi bar, middle pipe and back box and that they would write up a quote for me. The person doing the quote said that the best he could possibly do was £799 and that really he should be charging up to £880 but he was being as nice as he could because it was nearly christmas. This made alarm bells go off in the back of my mind so I told them that it was too much money to pay now and I would have to come back. Were they trying to rip me off ? I ask because everyone I have mentioned this to since has pulled the same confused face when I stated the price.

Without seeing the exhaust system, hard to say. If no CEL the catalytic converter is probably okay, that is the most expensive part.
Suggest you find a different exhaust system shop. Get several estimates.


Are any of those people employed as exhaust repair workers ? As stated above get at least a second opinion .

It’s not uncommon for 12 year old car to need extensive exhaust system parts replacement , esp if driven in areas where winter roads are salted, near the sea, etc. 800 pounds (UK currency) is about $1000, seems about right for parts and labor fee. In fact seems a little less than I’d expect. Cars are quite expensive to maintain and repair these days.

As mentioned above, only way to know for certain you are being quoted fairly is to ask several respected shops for a quote.

Note: If you live in an area requiring emissions testing, make sure the replacement cat is emissions-approved by the governing agency, and file the paperwork, you may have to show it to the testing place.

They shouldn’t given you an estimate without seeing the car first. If the rest of the exhaust is rusty, it likely needs replacement even if it’s not currently leaking. You can’t weld to rust, and clamps can crush the rusted part you need to attach to.