93 buick lesabre turn signals

My turn signals on my 93 Buick Lesabre will not work, They do not even come on, I have checked the fuse, replaced the flasher signal unit, I have been told that it may be the switch in the steering column, They were working, then one side got a little slow, sometimes even sticking (instead of blinking) then one day no lights nothing, my flashers work, all my other lights work, if it is the switch in the column is there a way I can just btpass the switch, I know it is a little shadetree mech.'s but it is in between paydays, any help would be appreciated

Make sure you replaced the correct flasher signal unit. I had a car where the turn signals failed and replacing the signal unit didn’t help–I took it to a shop and it turned out I had replaced the unit that controlled the hazard lights. They replaced the proper one which fixed the problem and they (of course) charged me accordingly and made a nice profit.

Very good point made by Steve63. You may have replaced the wrong one. Try removing the unit you replaced and see if the flashers still work. If they don’t then you got the wrong one. The flasher units may be interchangeable so you could swap it if they are. It looks like fuse #8 ties power to the turn signals so check that fuse if you haven’t already. Power is tied to the direction switch on a purple wire from the flasher unit.