2020 Buick LeSabre - turn signal won’t work

My left turn signal will not work even tho I have replaced both front and rear bulbs. the flasher works rapidly but no light blinks. the right works fine, any suggestions?

Yeah, if this really is a 2020 the warranty should cover it.

Sounds like a short to ground on the left side, does this vehicle have add-on trailer hitch wiring?

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Try another bulb, then try you all way or 4 way emergency flasher if on bulb dont function thats it

Yes the dealer needs to deal with this under warranty.

If your vehicle is really a 2020 model, then EVERY problem should be covered at this point by the multiple warranties, and your dealership is responsible for any and all repairs. Then again, since the LeSabre hasn’t been manufactured since 2005, I have a very hard time believing that the OP owns a 2020 LeSabre.

Could the OP please clarify the make, model, and model year of his/her vehicle?

Good point.

Take a close look at the front and rear bulb connectors , GM had had some issues with these melting .