92 s10 trans fluid fill bolt location

I have a 1992 s10 5spd 2wd and I can not find the drain bolt on the transmission I think I found the filling location but I’m not sure on it either as it’s located almost at the top of the trans and is a torx style bolt. Any of you with the same trans that can take a picture and point out these locations? Thanks


Do NOT unscrew the Torx bolt! It is NOT the fill plug. I think you have a T5 transmission so the fill and drain are both on the passengers side, fill is high, drain is low. Likely, 3/8 inch square drive hole. Fits a 3/8ths ratchet or extension. Use ATF.

Thanks! But there is no drain plug on the bottom

Thanks for the heads up mustang! That must be my issue is that I’ve only looked for it on the drivers side! I will check and let you know I appreciate it!

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My S10 has a borg warner trans. It’s a fairly large female hex bolt. You need a male hex socket for it. I don’t remember what side it’s on. They sell them at the parts store or harbor freight.

A T5 was a Borg Warner trans. They sold to Tremec years ago. Some drains and fills were hex, some were external square plugs.

Just crawled under and took a look it’s definitely on the passenger side lol… it has the square ends sticking out not the hex. Thanks for the help

Most all domestic rear axles and manual transmissions have for years used NPT-National Pipe Thread plugs that used no gaskets or seal rings and like other pipe thread plugs they had square male or female fittings to remove and install them.