2021 Equinox Trans Drain Plug


Traded my 2013 Equinox for a 2021 Equinox a month ago. Last week I discovered a leak at the ATF drain plug. It was not properly tightened from the factory. It’s a tapered bolt into an aluminum case so I was careful not to over tighten it. There is still a bit of seepage from the plug’s threads. I’m going to use a torque wrench for my next attempt. The best numbers I could find were 106 in/lbs or 8-9 ft/lbs. Do these numbers seem reasonable?

I’m holding off on the dealer as it’s 25 miles away and my wife can’t drive after eye surgery. I’ll probably end up taking to the dealer at some point.



Call the dealer before you do anything. Most of them now have a pickup and return policy for repair. We had our Volvo picked up and brought back for a lousy 25.00 .


If it’s just seepage I wouldn’t touch it, leave it for the next trip to the dealer to fix under warranty.


I don’t think torque is going to make one bit of difference. Unless the mileage is up there for a 2021 and the trans has been serviced once it’s difficult to fathom unless someone serviced the trans and got ham fisted.

Best leave it alone as mentioned and let the dealer put their fingerprints on it. If not already.


Another vote for the dealer since it’s a 2021.

Teflon tape on the threads of the bolt might help seal it, but I wouldn’t touch it since it’s under warranty.


Thanks for the suggestions. No pick up at this dealership unfortunately. I do get one free service, so I will have it checked when I take it in. The plug was not tightened properly from the factory. Just glad I caught it around the 500 mile mark before the leak got worse.

Ed B.

To your original question, I don’t think 8-9 ft lbs is going to screw anything up that isn’t already screwed up. That’s not a lot of torque and shouldn’t be an issue if you want to go ahead and snug it up. As a reference, I think my wife’s Toyota Highlander’s oil drain plug torque spec is around 30 ft/lbs (with a new crush washer and it isn’t a tapered bolt), so not a direct comparison.

The only thing I’d be a bit concerned about is if it was somehow cross threaded or if the threads on the pan/bottom of the trans weren’t formed correctly. In all honesty, I’d probably snug it up myself if I were in your shoes. I would then get the dealer to check it at the next service. I wouldn’t mention to them that I tightened it or anything. That’s just me. I couldn’t stand it seeping for 4500 more miles (or whatever the service interval is, maybe 9500 more with the extended oil change intervals manufacturers promote these days).

Then why not drop it off after work and have a friend pick you up so they can have it all day and then pick it up after work .