Early 90's Corolla manual transmission: Where is xmission fluid-check plug?

Just a scheduled routine maintenance check is all.

I checked the transmission fluid level on this car’s manual transmission a couple years ago. You just unscrew the plug and stick your finger in the hole and make sure the fluid is at level. About to spill out in other words. But now I forgot where the plug is located. Anybody know what the plug looks like and where it is? Does it take a hex allen-type fitting?

I thought I remembered checking it was fairly easy, with the plug facing forward, accessible just by opening the hood. But now I can’t see the plug. Or did I have to jack the car up maybe? Any help appreciated.

Not a good drawing, looks like the fill plug is facing the front of the car.

That’s the bell housing on the left I assume, and half shaft to the driver’s side front wheel on the right side of the drawing. So the view is as if looking at the transmission from the front of the car. Cool. And right where the two halves of the xmission meet. I’ll be damned if I could see it this morning, but I’ll look more carefully tonight. Maybe the problem is that I have to remove the windscreen thing first in order to see it. Thanks @Nevada_545.

I found it @Nevada_545. It was covered in grease, but I found it from your diagram. It’s accessible simply by opening the hood. No need to jack up the car or remove the wind screen. Didn’t unscrew it yet, but it looks like a 19 mm bolt rather than a hex (allen) key. Anyway, thanks for taking time to post the diagram. The only downside is that I’ve got to go to the auto-parts store and buy some GoJo hand cleaner … lol

Your welcome.
I have a half gallon of hand cleaner in the garage but I usually use dish soap. Dish soap is an all around good cleaner, I wonder if it works on dishes?

Goop for greasy hands, Lemon Joy for Dishes, my preference. Wifey hates the smell of goop, probably because after paper towel rubbing and rinsing it is not half as pretty smelling as lemon joy, I have not tried dish soap lately, to clean my hands, maybe I should revisit, but I have had less than optimal experiences in the past using soaps.

Nothing works better than Dawn dish liquid…Hands down the best.

On my Camrys (1996 and 2008) it’s a 24mm head on the bolt. I’m betting it’s the same since that was a standard item across many models and years. Best of luck.