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91 jimmy exhaust pipe

i can’t seem to get the tail pipe in it’s proper place…there must be some trick…

Did you use “direct fit OEM replacement” parts for the rest of the system?

i’m only replacing from the muffler back…just can’t seem to get the pipe
in the right spot…it hangs real low…and yes it’s a direct fit part

My point is that even if the tailpipe is direct fit, if the pipes preceeding that to which it’s connected are not it may not hang right. The entire assemblage has to be proper.

It is possible to replace the intermediary pipe between the converter and the muffler with a flex pipe and re-angle the system, but it may involve some cutting and fitting. Exhaust pipe can be cut with a basic angle grinder with a cutting wheel, but wear eye protection and protect the area from flying sparks. You don’t want to bump the gas line with the cuttng disc and light the truck up.

You may also want to recheck the part number. It’s very common for parts like this to undergo changes during a model year and have the fit change. It’s also not that uncommon for a store to simply give you the wrong part. They’re human too.

everything is original parts, going to get under there today and try to get that sucker to hang where it should,
picking up some taller jackstands and also remove the pass. side rear wheel to see if that helps…will post progress…

got it…seems i had to get the car up a little higher…just needed some clearance to finagle the pipe around and got it in the correct position.
now i find i actually DO need a muffler. going shopping now.

Thanks for the follow up. We hear back too seldom.

Happy motoring.