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Exhaust 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES - 4 Cylinder

This car needs a new muffler. Can anyone tell me if this is one unit or can I replace just the muffler.


This is a muffler assembly. It comes with a flanged inlet pipe and the tail pipe.


Some shops (like Midas) will tell you thay can install a “generic” muffler, but I strongly recommend against it. They’ll cut the old one out, weld the new one in, and nobody else will ever want to touch it.

You need a “direct fit OEM replacement” part. If you do the work yourself, I’d suggest simply cutting the flange bolts and replacing them with stainless steel bolts with antiseize compound on the threads. Future replacements will then be “a piece of cake”. Antiseize is needed because the nuts and bolts will “gall” and mate together if you don’t use it.