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Possible to repair this exhaust problem without replacing?

2001 Chevy Malibu. Was thinking an elbow pipe, tailpipe, clamp and exhaust putty for where the holes in the muffler are. Not sure if that stuff would work. Other option is new muffler, tailpipe, elbow pipe, clamps. Any suggestions? Where do I cut and what tools do I need? Thanks.

Don’t mess around with a rusted piece of junk.

Replacement is the proper repair.



Found this. Worth it? Would I need any extra parts to connect the rear pipe?

Thinking of checking the junkyard.

I wouldn’t bother, you’d be replacing 18 year old rusted parts with slightly less rusted 18 year old parts which you’ll probably have to remove yourself. This isn’t exactly a high dollar repair here.

Rockauto has a kit with everything you’ll need,2001,malibu,3.1l+v6,1368378,exhaust+&+emission,exhaust+system+kit,10727


Get the muffler you showed.

It has everything you need for a proper repair.


Was checking rockauto too. I don’t think I need to replace the whole system. I found muffler, intermediate pipe, and tailpipe there for about $75. The intermediate pipe has a flange. Do I need to cut that off and clamp what’s left? Will it be long enough to fit over the rusty pipe? Should I search somewhere else for an elbow pipe without flange and clamp it? Would like to avoid replacing the entire exhaust as I don’t plan on keeping this thing much longer. Thanks.

Isn’t that the entire exhaust pipe laying on the ground?


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Looks like the tailpipe and intermediate pipe are missing. Not sure about the rest. I assume it’s still there.

I would godo a pipe bender muffler place, they did my system for lass than parts cost.


I once replaced an exhaust system . Never again , an independent shop can do it quicker and not cost that much more than the parts a person would buy.


Replace, if you get the parts and hang them some muffler shops will weld it in for you fairly cheap (35 dollars to weld in a muffler here). Something you can look into is just getting a cat back system and they tend to use clamps (welding is the better option). That would also replace more of the system, you could have other places about rusted through as well. Check all your hangers as well while you are at it.

I now see you are not planning on keeping the car and trying to do cheap as possible. Get a cheap muffler off Ebay and have a shop just weld it up coming straight back and use some self tapping screws and hang it with metal strapping (sorry no duct tape lol).

Based on my limited experience, exhaust putty is about as practically useful as silly putty.


Agreed. Years ago, I had a Magnaflow muffler that leaked slightly at the rear where the pipe flange was press fit (I believe) to the muffler body. Very slight leak, no rust. It was my only attempt at using that putty, and it didn’t even work there.

It doesn’t take many pieces of rust dropping in your eye before you take it to a muffler shop where you may discover they do the job for about what you pay for the parts. I quit doing my own exhaust work more than 50 years ago. Save the DIY for things that can save you a lot of money for not much work, like brakes.belts and radiators.