Probability Aftermarket Flexpipe rear covertor won't fit


I need a new flexpipe rear convertor for my 2001 Hyundia elantra GT hatchback. I was told I could use an aftermarket pipe (at considerably less money), but that there is a chance that the flexpipe won’t fit (for whatever reason) and if it doesn’t, then I would have to go with a Hyundai one (considerably more expensive).

My question is, what is the probability it won’t fit? And isn’t there some welding or something you can do to make it fit? Why else would you sell an aftermarket?


Any muffler shop will be able to make it fit.


Why won’t it fit??

Midas is KNOWN for replacing exhaust systems with a pipe that is NOT OEM size. And if a section goes bad you’ll to replace it the pipe size Midas used.

Aftermarket pipes should fit fine. Just stick with a known brand name.


A muffler repair shop can cut and replace one section of flex pipe for about $200, parts and labor.