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Exhaust Repair

Does anything need to be removed from the Jeep to replace a muffler and exhaust pipe (ie tire, gas tank, suspension componets)? Exhaust pipe goes up and over the rear axle.

I can’t answer that but I can suggest that you check out Autozone’s website - if you register and plug in the car’s info you can get to their online repair guides. (Or invest $20 in a repair manual at an auto parts store).

The pipe you describe is called the “tailpipe”.

With the body jacked up until the wheels clear the ground, the pipe should slip in. If not, sometimes it’s necessary to remove a shock mount or one of the rear wheels to snake the pipe in…

have repair manual, it just says to start from the rear of vehicle and work forward. Did not try jacking up to create more space in suspension. Tailpipe wraps over the rear axle and partially around the gas tank, as well.

The rear of the vehicle has to be jacked up safely by the subframe to allow the rear suspension to hang. Then the tail pipe can be snaked over the rear axle housing.