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91 gmc sierra fuel pump

i need to know how to remove the gas tank so that i can change the fuel pump

Go to an auto parts store and buy a repair manual. Either that or empty out the tank, get it up in the air and look.

Here are some instructions from You will need to go to the autozone Website, register, come back here, and click on this link.

I always remove the truck bed when replacing the tank mounted electric fuel pumps. You would need a good air wrench to remove the bolts. Forget about ratchets when dealing with truck bed bolts. It’s far safer and is actually quicker especially on the small trucks like the Ranger and the S-10.

I’ve done it both ways and you’re right, lifting the bed was easier than dropping the tank IMO. I suppose one could rig something up to lift the bed by yourself but it was far easier for me to get one or two friends to help hoist it off/back on.