In-tank fuel pump

mY '98 CHEV SILVERADO 3 DOOR 5.0 HAS A FUEL PUMP PROBLEM. CAN I REPLACE THE EXISTING FUEL PUMP WITH AN IN-LINE FUEL PUMP PLACED BY THE FUEL FILTER/ the original fuel pump is in the fuel tank and I would like to avoid having to remove the fuel tank to replace this pump. Or do you have an any alternative suggestions?

I don’t think you want to even try and do this to your truck. I’m sure it could be done with a lot of trouble and besides replacing the pump on your pickup is not that difficult. The easiest, and in my opion, the best way to do it is take the bed off of the truck. There are only 4 bolts holding the bed on and 3 or 4 screws around the fuel inlet. You unplug the wire harness and off she comes. All you need is a friend to help lift it off and back on later. The pump is right there easy to get to and should only take an afternoon to complete.

Wow. It won’t take an afternoon to just drop the tank. IIRC you can just drop one end of the Silverado tank by loosening one strap and removing the other enough to get at the pump. With luck it’s nearly empty already. If not, you can drain it by jumpering the fuel pump relay and draining it at the fuel rail with a hose. Besides, unless you have a very strong friend you’ll fine the bed a bit heavy for two.

To each his own. I’d rather not deal with trying to drain the tank and then wrestling with it crawled up under the truck. For me it was much easier to take the bed off, and a short bed Chevy bed is not that heavy, 2 grown men can handle it easily. It’s really up to you as to which way is better for you. I only suggested an afternoon as a time frame, it took me a little more than an hour start to finish.