2002 GMC Sierra Fuel Pump. Easiest way to change

What is the easiest way to change the fuel pump in a 2002 GMC Sierra (gas engine)? Pulling the bed off or dropping the gas tank?

I am helping a friend change one in the morning and am wondering if anyone has done one or knows the tricks to make the job easier and trouble free.

Thanks, Albert

If you have the proper tools…air impact wrench and compressor included, then the easiest route is to remove the truck bed. I have been using this method for about 15 years. I don’t recommend removing the bed bolts with a ratchet because it’s time consuming and labor intensive. I believe removing the bed is also a lot safer.

Thanks for the info. We are going to try removing the bed to change the fuel pump. I was a little worried about undoing the tail light connectors and the filler neck hoses. Didn’t know if there was much to them or not. Just trying to prepare myself.
Thanks, Albert