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1995 S10 pickup fuel pump

So my husband and started working on his truck yesterday. We replaced the air filter, cleanded off the carborater, changed the fuel filter and still the truck won’t stay running for long. It dies when put in gear. So we checked the fuel pressure it was low so we now have decided to replace the fuel pump. It is looking like to me that it may me easier to pull the bed of the truck and replace from the top. we jacked up the truck and took off the tank shield and then from there it got a little tricky, not much room to move around to disconnect everything you need too. what are your suggestions. thanks beckey

I’ve found it easier to pull the bed while replacing the fuel pump on a few pickup trucks. As long as the bolts aren’t too rusted it should be no problem.

I always pull the truck beds when changing the fuel pumps on small trucks. It’s faster and safer I think. I move the bed just enough to get to the fuel pump area without disconnecting any wiring. A good airwrench will help in removing the bed bolts.