Jump start SNAFU Powerstroke diesel

Crossed cables. Sparks. Removed cables and got them right. Jumped for 15 minutes. Showed 9 volts on dash. Cranked, but drained quickly. Removed, checked and charged batteries. Reinstalled batts. Showed 9 volts on dash. Turned on key to heat glow plugs. Turned key to start. Loud POP under hood and everything went dead. Next day, door buzzer, lights, etc. work. Tried to jump start. Turn key on and voltage briefly looks good, but drops quickly (without hitting starter) and engine won’t turn over. Fuses look good. Where do I go now?

What about the fusible links? Usually when a direct short or crossed cables are involved one or more links may given up. Location and type vary by year and model.

7.3 or 6.0 ?

Charge the batteries and then load test them individually.

1995 7.3. Batteries have been charged and load tested. Turn key on and volts are good for a second or two, then voltmeter drops to left peg (however low that is). Now I get solenoid clicking. Am I right that there is a solenoid/relay on passenger side right behind battery (looks like the glow plug relay)----as well as the solenoid ON the starter itself? Also, if the 100amp fusible link beside that relay is burned, would I be getting anything? Any ideas or advice (other than “Make sure you hook the jumper cables up properly”) is appreciated!

STOP…You are ignoring a GLARINGLY APPARENT ISSUE…CROSSED cables…wreaks HAVOC on any vehicle…Like OK44 alluded to…you need to go through ALL of your fuses in both fuse boxes now…grab a volt meter and do a continuity test on ALL OF THEM…INCLUDING the fuseable links just like OK mentions…He’s a sharp one that 4450…so I would second his advice. It wont take you long at all to do this…prob 10 min MAX to verify fuses and links…MUST BE DONE NOW…

Do this first and let us know what you get…ALL SORTS OF CRAPPY things can result from what you mistakenly did there…


Also, forget the dashboard voltmeter…Connect a meter directly to the batteries and make your observations there…Electronic controls will not tolerate reverse polarity jump-start attempts…

I understand that dash voltmeter may be toast. Batteries are okay. Getting juice at starter, starter relay, fuse boxes, gotta recheck fuses and fusible links. When key is turned to RUN position, it sounds like the glow plug relay is clicking and maybe a relay in the underhood fuse box is buzzing. Dash/idiot lights, radio, key chime, etc. all dim. Bad weather last two days prevented more troubleshooting. On my way to work. Will be gone for 5 days. Hoping to track things down next weekend. I continue to appreciate helpful pointers.