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89 jeep cherokee won't turn over

Woke up this morning and the jeep tries it’s hardest to start, but it won’t turn over. I have some oil leaks and there’s a significant amount of oil on the hood. I’ve never had an issue with this before, sometimes it needs a second try to turn over but it always turns over on the second try no problem. I keep hearing about fuel pumps ignition coils and the relays. I’m not sure what it is I don’t think it’s the relays because there is a click that comes from the relay box when the key is in the on position. my first thought was a starter. Some background info 89 Jeep Cherokee 6 cylinder manual just hit 200,000 miles a week or two ago the only problem I’ve had since owning it in June was my muffler rusted-out and fell off. I got a new muffler put on they said the old one had blown. when I got the Jeep the owner told me he put in a new fuel pump so I feel like it’s not the fuel pump. I drive about 3 hours a day up to 4 times a week. any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Just so we are using the same terminology.

You turn the key and you hear the Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr . That is the engine turning over (cranking) and this would mean that the starter is working properly. This could mean that it is not getting fuel to the engine, there is no spark to the spark plugs, or it is not getting air for mixing with the fuel to cause the explosion in the engine cylinders.

If you are not hearing that Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr then the starter is not turning the engine over. This could be from a bad connection at the battery, poor connection at the starter, a bad neutral safety switch, or a few other things. But those are the most common.

The oil on the inside of the hood could indicate either you forgot to put the fill cap back on…or it came off…causing oil to get thrown out of the valve cover. If that cap is in place I would suspect that there is a major leak at the crankshaft front seal and the fan is throwing oil all over under the hood. A major leak at the front of a valve cover, or the timing cover could also cause the fan to throw the oil.

This oil leak may be fouling the spark plug wires and the electricity that flows through these wires grounds out before getting to the spark plugs… No spark no start

If you find that it is the oil fill cap that is missing. Replace the cap, plug wires & distributor cap. Be sure that the wires from each spark plug getr plugged into the cap in the same location. Very important!!!


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