1999 Jeep cherokee sport classic

When I try to start the jeep (6 cyl 4wd) the motor will turn over but not start. I try a second time and it starts right up. I bought the jeep new and it just recently started doing this. I already put new plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and roor button. Could there be a sensor going bad? opr maybe a fuel problem?

Sounds like the fuel rail is losing pressure when the vehicle sits for a long time. Try turning on the ignition for a bit before you try starting and see if the problem goes away (this lets the fuel punp turn on and pressurize the lines). If this solves the problem, then the fuel pump is starting to fail.

BTW, what is a “roor button”?

i have the same problem with my 98 jeep cherokee,i bought the xj in 06 with 150k as of this date i have 183 k and i am still waitin for the fuel pump to go out, could it be that the fuel filter is clog up and needs to be change?

Roor button probably means rotor button. The 4.0s still had a traditional distributor until 2000 or so.

Instead of turning the key on and waiting for a while…turn it ON then back to off…then back on…then off…then try to start…see if she fires right up. If so Silvergc1 nailed your issue… But I dont think the fuel pump runs for more than a few seconds when you turn the key on… It will run a few secs…and then wait for the tach signal (of a running engine) to then continue running. By cycling the key you are getting the result that Silver is looking for…or are at least much more likely to get that condition.

My 2cents