2000 Jeep Cheerokee Sport

has a staring problem turns over 12 to 15 times before it starts, if i turn it off it starts right back up,5 minutes later same problem, if i let it set for two days it starts right up, replaced spark plug coil rail and spark plugs still has same problem

I see this from time to time. Your Jeep is probably “flooding” because some of the injectors are leaking down (they are remaining open when they should be closed). That leaves raw gas in the cylinders. Try holding down the accelerator and it may start quicker. This is the same procedure you would use with a carburetor system. You need to see a good mechanic and get it checked out. You might want to have the fuel pump pressure tested as well as the fuel filter.

I know the post is old, but if the issue is with flooding injectors, you’ll want to get it straightened out right away. Leaky injectors will allow fuel to leak past your piston rings, dilute your oil, and ultimately destroy your crank/rod bearings. Ask me how I know!