1991 Jeep Cherokee turns over but won't start

Jeep started fine yesterday with no hesitation. this morning it started fine, drove it 100 yards and it stalled. From here it would crank and crank with no start. every now and then it will almost start.

Temps were in the teens last night, but I don’t know if that’s enough to freeze the fuel lines. Another potential issue is: the previous owner installed a starter button. you turn the key into position and press the button. don’t know if this is an issue or not. Any ideas?

You need to narrow down the possible causes. Check for spark. And the push button starter is a troubling sign that the previous owner may have done some serious hacking on the wiring. A sudden no start/no spark on that Jeep often results from a faulty pick up in the distributor. It is relatively inexpensive and easily replaced. But you might look at that boot legged starter wiring for current source and fusing issues.

I think the crank angle sensors were a big failure item on these cars. It might help to read the codes in the ECU to see if there’s any clues to the trouble stored in there.

Check for spark. If there is no spark the problem could be with the coil or the ignition module located below the coil.


thanks for the help. This is what I know after checking some of the things suggested: I can hear the fuel pump when the key is turned. I can hear the relay clicking under the hood. The Jeep began to start after repeated turning and even stayed on for a few seconds before petering out again. this thing really wants to start.
Question: Is it possible that the fuel pump could be bad even if I can hear it?