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veh will not start new starter ,alternator ,coil, pick up coil, cap ,pcm,battery,all relayes click under the hood when engine turn or ignition turn on.,new fuel pump, fuel pressure good what left.

Is the crankshaft turning normally when the key is turned to “start”?
Have you any spark?

What year is the Jeep, and what engine?
How many miles does it have on it?

My goal with these questions is to find out a bit more about the problem as well as be able to ind out a bit more about what type of ignitions system it has. Newer ignition systems have sensors that if not sending signals telling the ECU that the crank is turning will not initiate any spark to be created.

agreed. it could be something as simple as a crank sensor. i love the way they throw all this stuff into a car and then complain about a shop charging a 100 bucks or so for diagnostics. DIY is not so easy anymore

And how about compression and fuel pressure? Did anyone try using starting fluid?