2001 Jeep Cherokee sport turns over wont start PLZZZZ help

I am writing this for my old man due to the fact hes in garage trying get our jeep working. I tell you this so u will bear with me on some things but we have a 2001 jeep cherokee sport with inline 6 cylinder and 4.0 liter. This is a car we drive on daily basis and today we went to leave again my husband had drove it earlier an it drove fine. But when we went to leave again it started but when my hub went to close garage it died and he tried to start back up and it would just keep turning over but not starting. He said tht he could hear fuelpump come on so he didnt think it was that. If anyone has any ideas plz reply and let us know because it must be something unusual because hes been out there ALLday and he still does not know why it wont start and he’s VERY mechanically inclined and is always the one who fixes all of our cars. Thank you all in advance!!

If you’re getting fuel, the remaining things to check for are compression and spark. My money is on there being no spark. Try charging or replacing the battery. If that doesn’t work, check out the plugs and cables.

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Go out and offer yo turn the key while he pulls a plug wire off and sticks a screwdriver in it and holds it 1/4 inch from ground to see if he has spark. If it has spark, have him spray starting fluid into the intake while you crank it to see if it is a fuel problem. However if he is mechanically savvy, he should have a;ready tried this. Maybe he didn’t want to bother you.

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I just screen shot what u replied to him and said if he needed me to come out to just lmk. And thank you so much for replying I will keep posting as I know more an hopefully until we can get it running again!!

I’m sure he’s already thought of this, but does your fuel gauge work? Could the car be out of gas?

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Do you realize that not everyone is fluent in text talk and some of us don’t want to be.

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The crankshaft position sensor may have failed.


If these fail while the engine is running, the engine just shuts off and might not restart.


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Oh I apologize VOLVO_V70 I will try to watch how I write things on here!! Again i apologize.

Tester I spoke to my old man this morning and that is what he is thinking may be the problem. So hopefully he can get part and get her running again!! Thanks again for all ur help and have a wonderful day!

I thought it was a really bad typo.