70's Ford truck door window part name?

Manual operated windows. The window regulator works fine, moves a single arm up and down. It’s not the type with the big “X” configuration, where the legs of the “X” get pulled together and make the “X” taller. It’s the single arm version. Anyway, that arm attaches to something that holds onto the bottom of the window. The arm has detached from that “something”, and that “something” is rusted and needs to be replaced. What do you think that part is called?

fyi, Below is a picture of the regulator style, note the single arm design. I’m looking for the part that the end of the arm attaches to, which holds onto the bottom of the window. The end of the arm on my truck has a yellow mushroom shaped plastic bushing, where the stem of the mushroom goes into a small hole at the end of the arm, and I’m not sure how the big end of the mushroom attaches to the “something” part. Presumable it slides in a slot machined into the “something”.

You are going to a junkyard, sorry automotive recycling center, they will give you the part based on your description, I remember there is a name for the bend in a paper clip, don’t recall what it was, but you will be fine with your description and no name for the part. Rail would be my best guess.

Ok, I’ve made a little progress, just found a generic diagram of the situation in an LMC Truck Parts catalog. It appears that part (number 7 in the diagram) is called the “window channel”.


You may want to also replace the seals (parts #2) in the diagram. If the channel is rusted away the seals are allowing water into the door causing the rust which will eat the door away eventually.


For $25, you might just get the LMC part and receive it some time next week. It could be the right time to replace the channel rubber and window seals as well. The total cost might eliminate the shipping cost with the extra parts.