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1979 Ford pickup with a stuck window

I have a 1979 Ford F-250 p/u and the drivers door window is stuck in the up position and I can’t even turn the door handle. I took the door panel apart and I could not move anything by hand. I have no experience in this area and would appreciate any advice on how to free this stuck window.

Thanks in advance.


The window regulator might be worn out. But here’s the problem! If the window can’t be rolled down so that the hardware that attaches the window to the regulator aligns with holes in the door, so you can’t remove the window from the regulator so that the regulator can be removed from the door! Each time I’ve run into this, both the regulator and window got replaced.


Thanks for the information. I guess after 30 years something should wear out.

Do you know how I can find a diagram of the internals of the door. I don’t have a clue what a window regulator is or what it looks like or how to remove the regulator from the door.

Thanks for any further help.


Go to this website and register Then you can look up your vehicle and it should provide what’s involved with the window regulator replacement.


Regulator? Are we assuming the pickup has electric windows? The OP said they couldn’t turn the handle. Maybe they could confirm.

If they are manual crank up windows the problem is probably in the track or the lift mechanism. The rivets that hold the scissors bracket together were notorious for breaking and jamming the window.

Yes it is a manual crank window. How would I check to see if the rivets were broken and if they are how would I correct this problem?

Thanks very much for any help.


Whether it’s an electric or manual window, it’s called a window regulator.