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69 dodge dart turn signal switch burnt out


I recently bought a 69 dodge dart. The car is well functioning except for some electrical issues. My main concern is getting break and turn signals to work.

When I first bought it, the right turn signal would work but not the left. A flasher replacement did not correct it so I bought a new turn signal switch. After installing this $200 piece I started to test it. I tried the left turn and that workd fine, but when I flipped to a right turn the blinker started blinking extremely quickly and before i knew it smoke was coming from the steering column where I had just installed the switch. Now when I use the turn signal, nothing electrical seems to happen, though my cams work :p.

I’ve also traced my break signal as going into my turn signal switch at which point it dies.

I think I found a cheaper 75$ turnsignal switch but dont want the same thing to happen if i buy and install. Any advice?

Thanks guys

I would look first for a short in the system, as that probably caused the failures you experienced. Once you find that throw new parts at it.

Double and triple check your insertion of the wires into the connection plug. Usually the color code carries across the plug i.e. a red wire will go into the male connector plug which is indexed with a red wire of the female plug. If you still have the old turn signal switch, compare the its wiring to the new one to make sure a wire color has not been moved to a new terminal on the switch.

If you have the wiring diagram for the Dart, check to see what fuse supplies the turn signals. Make sure that the fuse is the correct amperage because it should have blown before you began to melt insulation.

Hope this helps.