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1995 Dodge Ram 2500 - Out of blinker fluid

Our 1995 Dodge 3/4-ton Intercooled Turbo Diesel’s turn signals stopped working. I bought a $14+ replacement flasher unit, but they still did not work. Any suggestions what to do next?

My suggestion is to first determine what is wrong and the second is to replace the broken component or fix the broken wire. You just guessed at the fix. It was easy, and cheap, but didn’t fix it.

Check the fuse. Take a volt-ohm meter, pull a turn signal bulb and check to see if there is a ground connection. Then turn the turn signal on and check that there is a cycling 12 volts. If there is power and ground, replace all the bulbs. If there is a ground but no power, a signal switch is likely broken OR the wires TO the switch are broken. I’d also check to see if there is power to the flasher before replacing the switch.