Signal blinker issue

1999 dodge ram. Lately when i turn my signal blinker left or right it lasts only 10-15 seconds, the more I turn the less it works. Could it be just dirty inside or are there any parts that i should replace? Thanks

BTW, The emergency button doesn’t last more than 5 seconds

I think you need a new flasher unit. It is not expensive and easy to replace as it just plugs in. Poke your head under the dashboard, turn the key on, then try the turning signal. You should hear it click on and off before your 15 seconds are up. Pull out the old flasher and install the new one.

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+1. Weak flasher. It is a cube, about 1" x 1" x 1". It’s either plugged into the fuse panel, or sometimes they were hanging from a plug on wires. Once you have the turn signal on, you can feel which one it is (there are also relays which are nearly the same size). Any parts store will carry a replacement.

Most likely the problem is caused by the part as described above. But if that doesn’t pan out, could be a defective switch that you use to turn it on or the bulbs it illuminates have a bad connection. If replcing the flasher unit doesn’t work, you might try just removing and reinstalling all the bulbs that are supposed to be flashing, see if that helps. The flashing function works by measuring the amount of current going to the bulb, so a bad connection anywhere in the circuit reduces the current & fouls that up. Likewise, replacing a burned out bulb with a low curent LED version can cause this. A defective switch can sometimes be revived by a spray in the appropriate spot with contact cleaner.