Dodge Durango Intermittent Turn Signal

1999 Dodge Durango V8 - I love my truck!

What are the possible solutions to fix an intermittent turn signal?

It seems there should be a process of elimination where a mechanic would start with the most likely and work through a list of possible solutions. I’m having nightmares of a $$$$ bill, as most electrical problems can become.

The symptoms:

1) My left and right turn signal flashes for several seconds then quits, then starts again.

2) The right signal works more often than the left, that is it continues to blink until I turn and it resets.

3) The left is on for several seconds then stops, then starts but blinks fewer times. The left also stops blinking all together once I “begin” to make a left hand turn, that is it stops before the turn is completed.

Thanks for your help.

Multifunction switch?

Intermittent problems are the hardest to track.

Starting at the fuse panel and testing the circuits all the way through the multi-function switch (turn signal stalk) as tardis mentioned, to the bulbs OR doing it in the reverse is the only way to eliminate.

Wriggling wiring connectors, connections and wiring harnesses along the way MAY show up a fault.

It’s quite possible for a 10 year old vehicle to have corroded ground connections and other corroded wiring connections to the bulb sockets as well as poor bulb grounding withing the socket.

It’s possible there may be a wire that has the insulation rubbed off that’s intermittently grounding itself on a piece of metal.

As you can imagine, time spent tracking these problems is the reason the labor bill is high.

With a wiring diagram, a light test probe and good informative website can assist you in doing the tracking yourself.

This is a super easy fix. I had the exact problems you described. You just need to go to your auto parts store and get a new turn signal flasher unit. It costs between $15-$20. Its basically this plastic box looking thing with a plug on one side. Then, under your driver side dash, kind of behind the Ebrake, you should see a similar plastic block plugged in. You just need to pop that one out and put the new one in and your turn signals will be as good as new! No need for wiggling wires or checking connectors.

I had the same symptoms and in addition, the 4 way hazard flashed all the lights. A new turn signal flasher unit fixed the problem.