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Left turn signal

My left turn signal blinks a mile a minute periodically. I have checked my bulbs,all of them, and none are burned out. What puzzles me is that this is not constant. How can I fix this? Thanks, Judson

Being an intermittent fault, I would suspect either a faulty turn signal switch (multi-function switch-the signal stalk on the column) or a poor ground or bulb socket connection.

Even a weak flasher unit can cause this.

Replace the real lamp. Likely it is a combined tail light and turn signal in one lamp. One failure mode causes the problem you have.

Joseph, Did You Mean To Say “Rear” Lamp (bulb)?

I agree that this could be a problem with a partially detached filament inside a bulb. It makes normal contact and functions and then because of jiggling or heat the filament moves and contact is lost. It will enventually fail completely.

Judson, Try replacing the bulb with a new one and when you take the old one out flick it with your finger nail and see if the tiny squiggly filament is flapping around.

It could also be the front turn signal bulb for the same reason. Should the new rear bulb not fix it, try replacing the front one.

If you can “catch it in the act” when it’s blinking a mile a minute you can tell if it’s front or rear. Leave the T-signal blinking fast, park the car, and hop out and see if it’s the rear or front light that’s out. One will not be working. That is the culprit.


If the filament in one of your bulbs has broken off and is shorted to ground, you’ll see the blinker blink a mile-a-minute.

When you say, “I have checked my bulbs,all of them, and none are burned out.”, it’s not clear how you checked them out. As others have noted, replace them to be sure.