60,000 mile service

My car is due for a 60,000 mile service,

the dealership quoted me $800.00

I live in California, but is that crazy??

I have a Mazda Protege 5 2003

First, carefully read the manual as to WHAT IS ACTUALLY REQUIRED. Next, compare this what the dealer says you need; it might be more and unnecessary things. Next, take the manual to an independentand capable garage (not a quick lube, tire or muffler shop) and ask them for a quote. The service does not need to be performed by the dealer, who usually charges more. Make sure you keep all receipts.

A friend of my wife has a car just like yours and she spends nowhere near that $800 for a similar service.

Good luck!

Thank you, the guy also said $800 did not cover the timing belt.
I appreciate your advice.

Hopefully the belt is changed with the water pump, if not, ask them to change it as well.

What do they plan on doing for $800?

Unless the car has some sort of problem, IMO, that’s way too dang much money and someone is padding a bill with BS service that you don’t need.

You probably need an oil change and filter. $25
You probably need an air filter. $30 max
You may need a transmission fluid and filter change. $100 or so
Check the coolant and see if it’s clean. If not, it needs flushed. $50
Check the tire pressure. Should be free and part of oil change
Check differential grease. Should be free and part of oil change
Check belts and hoses, replace if necessary. Cost depends on what’s necessary.

For $800, whoever would need to list what they plan on doing.


To that list, I would add replacement of the fuel filter. Also, most Japanese manufacturers specify brake fluid replacement by 60k, if not before.

It is a good idea to replace spark plugs at 60k, even if they are supposed to be good for 100k, as it can be damn near impossible to remove the plugs at 100k. It is also possible that the cabin air filter (if so equipped) is to be replaced at this mileage.

However, even with the above items added in, $800.00 seems like WAY too much money. My Subaru’s 60k service included everything that Skipper and I mentioned, plus a couple of other things, and it cost about $600.00, as I recall. (However, as I use the Subaru credit card, I got the service free of charge.)

I would suggest making a list, based on the 60k procedures listed in the Owner’s Manual, and taking that list to a few independent mechanics for a price quote. I think that you can beat the dealer’s price by a comfortable margin.

Where in California? In the Bay Area, dealers are quoting about $130/hour Labor.

However, not incl a timing belt, you coudl easily spend $400 at any garage. Again, you can do most of it yourself also, if interested.

But you do get an idea of how the costs mount up when you get charged for Checking cooland, not changing, just checking… and checking brake fluid level (which reminds me, if it is low, probably means you needs brakes, not fluid… change both) Checking the washer fluid and rotating the air in your tyres…etc.
I saw a charge of $40 on a neighbors bill for checking the timing belt, however that same engine had a timing chain which was near impossible to check for anythign less than $400.

As indicated, read the manual.
Do not pay to “check” anything, you can and should do that yourself. Pay to change the essentials. Brake pads, Plugs, maybe Ig wires, timing belts, filters, Oils.
Beware of tricks like, “your torque converter is weak” and make sure and certain the put the recommended ATF in there, not some backyard home brew of Dexron and “modifiers” or the equivalent. (assuming you have an automatic.)
Good luck.