Miles vs. Date

On one of my cars I put few miles – 2K - 3K every six months. I bring it in for service every 6 months as recommended, but am rarely sure which service to have – the next one in order or the one suggested by my mileage? For example, at 52,400 I had the 55K service. Now, six months later, I’m at 54,400. One dealer is telling me I need just an oil change, another is telling me I should get the 60K service because that’s the next one in line. I’m leaning toward the oil change because it’s (much) cheaper, but am I being shortsighted? And if that’s the way to go now, how will I know when to do the 60K – when I reach that mileage or sometime sooner? Help!

Whoops. Put the wrong car info. S/b 2004 Lexus ES 330.

Was anything special done at the 55k service??? 90% of the service intervals are just for oil changes. There are other special services that cost a lot more and are usually usually around the 30-50k mile increments, depending on the manufacturer.

With the limited miles you put on your vehicle…waiting until you’re PAST the 60k mile mark is NOT going to hurt anything. What is covered when is all covered in your owners manual. I suggest you read it and keep good records on what was done and when.

Thanks for the quick reply. The 55K is an oil change, including the usual multi-point inspection, plus a tire rotation; I can’t remember what else, and the invoice doesn’t explain much, but there must be more as it costs significantly more than an oil change ($135 vs. $60). The 60K would be a lot more, I’m sure.

You’ll need to sit down with the manual, get the ones that are required by miles at the milage #s, the date ones at the date requirements, sorry, it can be confusing. I had a very bad experience at my Lexus dealer, trying to oversell me on service. I found a good independent shop, that’s where I’ve gone now for 10 years ('96 ES300). The main date things are the oil changes and the timing belt, if I remember correctly, but check your manual.

Thanks for the advice. I felt the same way, that I was being sold something I didn’t need yet.

Done forget that many times it list both a time and miles. You use whichever comes first.