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Are 60,000 mile check ups rip offs

I bring my car to dealer for oil changes and tire roation every 4-5000 miles. They recommend this 60,000 mile check up where they rotate tires check brakes and all fluids It costs $300. Don’t they check these things when I bring it in? Seems like a rip off

I would suggest digging out the manual and see what the maintenance schedule lists.

Typically for this fee there is more going on then checking like replacing fluids like the transmission and possibly the brake fluid and coolant.

For $300 dollars they should be changing fluids. Then I would get the service done.

Go by the owner’s manual, not by the dealer’s push for keeping his people busy.

I just had my brakes done, they say they do the once over and check everything, even if they change all fluids should that cost $300?

The 60k checkup is recommended by the factory, not the dealer.
Look in the glove box and pull out the never read owners manual.
It should all be specified in there.

As the owner of the car, you owe it to yourself to find out what the car’s manufacturer specifies for the 60k service. In most cases, it involves changing most (if not all) of the fluids and filters in the car, plus possibly the spark plugs. Checking various items is also part of the service, but the fluids and the filters are the most important and most costly part of the service.

So–open up that glove compartment and read the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule that is sitting in there, either inside the Owner’s Manual or in a separate booklet. You will only know what to do and whether you are being cheated/gypped if you educate yourself, and the source of that education is sitting in your glove compartment.

Yes changing all fluids + checking items would add up to $300.

However you don’t specify what your car is, nor what the dealer is offering, nor what your manual asks for. So were kinda stabbing in the dark here.

NEVER drive into ANY shop and say “I would like a 60,000 mile checkup”. That’s a meaningless term, like “tune-up”. As others have said, look in your owners manual and see what is REQUIRED at 60,000 miles. Then write down the services you would like performed one by one and take YOUR list, (don’t let THEM make up the list) into the shop and ask how much it will cost to do the requested services. This procedure will keep them honest. If you let THEM define what a 60,000 mile service is they are SURE to stack the deck in THERE favor. It’s YOUR money. YOU get to decide what you want and what you don’t want…

We just had the 30,000 mile maintenance done on our 2005 Toyota. The dealer was pushing a ‘special maintenace package’ for $429. I printed a copy of the service that Toyota specifies on their website, took it to the dealer and told them to do exactly the services listed and nothing more. The total bill (with tax)came to $103. It pays to do your homework.

$300?! Toyota told me that it was going to cost me over $600 for the 60,000 mile check up. I have a 07 camry hybrid. I am taking them my manual on what is required and telling them to do that and nothing else. Hopefully it will not be $600.