2022 Volkswagen Tiguan- How do I program the seats

Cannot find personalization to program my key to the memory seat. Is it not available on this model?

Does it state that on the option list of your VW?
Ask the salesperson or service manager at the dealership for help.

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If only there was a place to find that information, like a book maybe? We could call it the “owner’s manual” so people would know what is the manual to tell the owner about the car. :roll_eyes:


You didn’t ask when you bought it :grey_question: I wouldn’t know if you have it, or even if it was available. I haven’t looked at puchasing a VW since 1979.


You may already have read the owner’s manual and found nothing about memory seating. I read that section on line and there is no mention of memory seating. I think that means you have to change adjustment any time a different driver needs to readjust the seat.

I am not finding anything that says it can be tied to the fobs.

Why can’t this person just drop by the dealer and ask this question if they can’t find the answer in the owners manual ?


That video shows only setting the seat memory , nothing about the key fob.

I did see on a web search how to set the key fob to the seat memory .

Why do that when you can just sit there, (in you jammies if you want) and have people all over the world get you answers for you :question: Isn’t that why Al G. created the internet :question: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I think that you should copyright that title. That way, if car companies ever decide to include a booklet with info regarding a car’s features, they would have to pay you a royalty.

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I asked Mr. Google, and Mr. Google said:

" How do I download VW owners manual?

Volkswagen User Manual Locations

Your first destination should be Volkswagen Owners Manuals | Official VW Digital Resources. Here, simply enter the VIN for your VW model, and you will have access to all of the information that you need.

You might have the seat memory function after all. Go to oage 98 of your owner’s manual. Seat memory function description starts there. The buttons ore on the outboard side of the driver’s seat of present. Whether you have seat memory may be a function of trim level.

Even if you have the buttons, the memory function might not be tied to the key fob being used, and just be done by pushing the buttons.

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