2016 Toyota Camry - Seat moving

My electronic driver’s seat is moving back and down when I shut the car off. I have owned the car for 3 years and it has never done that. The manual does not say anything about this happening.

has someone been using your car? they might have set the memory seat function.

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It sounds like someone–possibly the OP, inadvertently–has activated the memory seat function. I suggest that she look at the manual again, specifically the section dealing with memory seat settings.

One other possibility is that there’s an option to have the seat move back when the car is turned off. I’ve had a couple of cars with that option, it can be turned off.


The easy exit feature is a function of the memory seat module however the Camry doe not come with memory seats.

Is this vehicle a Camry?

Yes it is a 2016 Camry. It has only happened twice both since Monday.

The owners manual does not list this as a feature, optional or standard. It doesn’t happen every time I turn it off. First time was Monday morning at work after I was out of the car and the second was Tuesday evening when I got home while I was still sitting the seat.

Lol - don’t assume that because I’m a woman it’s driver error.


My nonmechanic two cents: 1. There could be a short in the switch and/or wiring for the seat. 2. A flaky body control module.

@Peggy04 I can guarantee that VDC did not make his post to reflect on your being a female . This forum gets many questions from men and women that could be answered by looking in the manual .

Some time ago we had a guy here that was mad because his cruise control did not work on his new Chevrolet Spark . He bought the lowest trim level and it did not come with cruise . He finally looked in the manual and saw that he did not have cruise control .


How many people reviewed the owner’s manual before replying?

It doesn’t matter, we, as responders shouldn’t have to read their manual for them. If they don’t have one, most are available online for only the cost of a couple minutes searching and downloading.


There are also instances when the Owner’s Manual is no help. Within the last week or so, someone had a question about an indicator light that wasn’t mentioned in the Owner’s Manual. Even the dealer’s shop was little help. The rest of us were left guessing.


this is very true. Often the Owners Manual will list every available option, but not specifically tell you what applies to your exact vehicle. This can add confusion, instead of helping it.

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I looked at the manual online and did not see anything about the seat memory. but in 2016 it was the first year it was offered in the higher trim models of the Camary.

I didn’t find anything about memory seats in the 2017 manual, either.

Thank you for the constructive feedback. Have a great weekend!

Lol You asked me if it was a Camry despite the fact these emails have Camry in the subject because I entered it in my post.

Lol everyone needs to chill out. I read the manual and other posts confirm that Camry does not have the easy feature. Lighten up people! Life is too short to be so grumpy!

Sometimes people make the wrong selection in the scroll down.

The Avalon has the easy exit feature, Camry does not.