2015 Honda CR-V driver’s seat lowers on its own

Why does the driver seat keep lowering itself and requiring yanking up on a lever to regain proper seat height?

judging by the vehicle year, it may be still under warranty, so a trip to dealer would be a good way to fix it

I’m not sure about the CR-v, but many cars now days…you can program it that with your key the seat, mirrors and maybe steering wheel adjusts to you, and your husband’s key adjusts these items for his preferences.
Look in your owners manual to see if your car has these options.

You may have to reprogram these if they are an option. It must be pretty simple to do if you follow the instructions.

Maybe you swapped keys somehow, or someone that drove your car…adjusted these to suit them.


That is true with many cars that have power assist for those functions, but the OP’s statement about “yanking up on a lever” suggests to me that her driver’s seat is not power-assisted.

You are so right @VDCdriver . That one got by me.