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2012 vw gti

I recently bought a used 2012 GTI, and received two keys from the dealer, one is the normal key and a “mechanics key”, much like a 02 model I had driven years prior. The car is completely wireless so I can lock, unlock, start/stop engine without the traditional keyhole, but the regular key transmitter still has a “key” part that will unlock/lock the glovebox. The mechanics key does not fit the glovebox lock, though, but it is cut the same as the other key. I get that it won’t turn that lock as it’s not supposed to so that a mechanic/valet can’t get into the box, but is there a place that it goes into to turn the car on, since it is a push button start/stop? I know it’s minor but something that has me confused and it didn’t come with an owner’s manual. Thanks.

You’ll be needing the manual anyway to properly maintain this car, so see:

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It should be similar to this…