2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime — thoughts, please!

What are your thoughts on electric hybrid SUVs specifically RAV 4 prime? Worth buying new? I’d prefer buying used but don’t know when any will be available. Thanks

My dad would be more likely to buy in a couple years if there is a plug in hybrid CR-V. For whatever reason he didn’t like the Hybrid Rav4 and the Hybrid CR-V finally was announced a few months after he upgraded to a 2019 CRV from the 2007 CRV. Mostly depends on your daily use, dad mainly does a 10mi loop that would work well for a plug in Hybrid.

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The RAV4 Prime isn’t available yet, but when it is I’ll be considering it for my next vehicle. You’ll need to wait a few years if you want a used one.

It’s definitely worth buying new because of the federal, and possibly state, tax incentives. It will qualify for the $7500 federal tax credit that is available for the first 200,000 plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. If you pay less than $7500 in federal taxes, you won’t owe the IRS anything the year you buy it. Toyota will likely have only well optioned models on the lot, and it might be hard to find them initially. I’d guess you have to wait at least 3 to 4 years for used ones to come off lease before you can buy a used one.

Thanks everyone- great advice!