Which is better: Honday CRV (hybrid) or Toyota Rav4 hybrid

I’m looking for a (used) small hybrid SUV. I’m asking readers which they think is best. I am looking to get it for my daughter near Portland, Oregon, cold, occasional ice, snow, but roads shut down until it melts. She’s looking to replace her VW Jetta which she says 'she finds it too low and hard to see and not sitting up high enough. Electric won’t work and hybrids get good mileage. Other suggestions are welcome.

If you’re looking at used, then you worry less about which is better than about which was better maintained / is in better shape, etc. CRV vs RAV4, in general? Flip a coin. But even if someone wants to claim one is better than the other, it ceases to apply if they aren’t maintained well.

In hybrids, Toyota is head and shoulders above the rest in experience, sales, and in reliability and durability. I hope Honda and the rest can catch up. It’s too early to say if they have.


I second the vote for Toyota over Honda. I just bought one. Honda hybrids may be ok now, but who knows. They’ve had their problems in the past.

We forget Honda had the first hybrid… the Insight.

But Toyota perfected it.

I’d say they are about equal.

CRV Hybrid only came to the US for 2020 model year compared to the Rav4 which has been around for longer. Both are good choices so I’d get the one the daughter prefers. My dad bought a new 2019 CRV because he had no idea the hybrid was coming but would have been interested. Looked at the Rav4 Hybrid in the current and previous generations and it didn’t appeal to him. Many others we know love their Rav4 Hybrids so it can be personal preference.

Toyota is “probably” more reliable but we are talking after 200K miles.
The Toyotas are more difficult to get so even though the MSRP is lower you might end up paying more.
I would say, go test drive both and then if everything is pretty close, then try and see which dealer gives you the best deal.