2021 Genesis - Cooling system kaput

Thanks for your comment. I have no idea what what you’re saying. Most women don’t.

No problem, and don’t pass it of to your sex. There are a lot of men that wouldn’t understand what I wrote and many women that would.

When the dealers looked at the car, what reasons did they give for declining service? Their reasons might be listed on the receipts that you should have gotten from them. Tell us what they said. If you don’t have that information, take it to a different dealer and get the reasons in writing if they say they can’t fix it. It’s OK to ask questions too, even if you don’t understand what they are saying. Ask them to say it in a way that someone that isn’t car savvy will understand. They should be willing to do that.


He never looked at the car. He said our shop is full and we can’t take another car. Since it’s your a/c problem, it will take 4 days to diagnose and we won’t have a loaner. I went to the service department an had my appointment scheduled weeks before. I should have stayed with Lexus.


Is there another dealer you can go to? The car doesn’t have to be serviced by the dealer that sold it to you. It may be a warranty fix and Genesis might provide a loaner while the car is in the shop.


Cooled seats blow cool air — that may or may not be refrigerated — on the seat occupant. Ventilated seats operate similarly, but they never use refrigerated air. You’ll find these features in many modern vehicles, and they can make the driving experience more pleasant for you and your passengers.
I think you have ventilated seats and it only blows the coolish cabin air thru seat cushion.

I can’t speak to this shop’s customer service policy, but it seems quite possible given they are busy it will take 4 days to diagnose & repair the problem for you. IMHO the shop shouldn’t be blamed that they are fully booked. That in fact could be an indication they do very good work. A lot of people go there b/c they like their work. I’d be inclined to stay w/this shop myself. Suggest to secure other transport in the meantime, rental car etc.

You have alternatives of course. Ask if they’ll allow you to schedule your car in at a time they know they will be having fewer jobs taking their attention, could mean waiting a few weeks, but then you can just keep using your car until it is time to take it to the shop. I may only take the shop a day or two to diagnose & repair. Suggest to not despair. This is just one of those unplanned problems car owners have to accommodate.

It is a Hyundai dealer, they will be busy replacing engines and performing recalls until the end of time.

That’s complete nonsense.

Thanks for your suggestion. I called Genesis Corporate office today. They got me an appointment for Thursday as well as a loaner while they fix my car.