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2018 Hyundai Genesis power train vibration

2018 G80 since new has a power train vibration at speeds above 45mph which get more noticeable as speed increases, Many returns to dealer/ service and no positive results, "could not duplicate problem: noted. Took car to diff. Genesis service. They detected problem said tire balance problem, Balanced tires($110,00) at Genesis service center and problem still there…

Whenever a new or new-ish car that is still under warranty has problems that dealerships seem to be unable or unwilling to remedy, the best course of action is to “kick things up a notch” by contacting the manufacturer of the vehicle. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

My advice is to initiate your complaint via the telephone, and then to follow-up with a certified letter memorializing your phone conversation. If you are polite, but firm, they will probably arrange for the regional service supervisor to inspect your car. The one thing to avoid in your contacts is a statement such as, “I’ll never buy one of your cars again”, because that will remove much of their motivation for helping you.


There has to be more to that balancing for there to be a $110.00 charge .

Sounds fair to me. We have a half hour minimum, $52.50, for road test, inspection, and check out for Noise Vibration Harshness complaints. We charge $44.00 for balance 4 tires and rotate.

$100 doesn’t go very far in the automotive repair world anymore. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Could be one tire is bad internally, and does not track smoothly at higher speeds. Do you feel the vibration from the front end via the steering wheel, or back end via seat of the pants?