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Windows keep getting a film on the Interior

We bought a Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe in July. When we got it home the Interior windows looked as though someone had smoke a couple of cartons of cigarets. I cleaned them but about 3 weeks later the same thing. Went as far as cleaning with alcohol but they still end up with a film on the inside. When the sun shines you can hardly see! Dealership has been no help. Any suggestions?

Do you use products like Armor All on the dashboard? They’ll do that, especially when the car sits in the sun for a while.

Do you notice any kind of a sweet smell? Is the film slippery if you rub it between your fingers? If so, you may have a heater core leak, which needs to be addressed soon for health reasons.

Otherwise, if you bought the car new, it could just be outgassing from the new plastic parts. Some cars are worse than others in this respect, although I was under the impression that manufacturers are trying to reduce it lately.

Old car? Likely you need to replace the heater core, as lion9car suggests.

New car? Dealer unhelpful? Contact Hyundai as directed in the literature that came with the car.

I think lion covered most of the bases on this one.

Rubbing the inside of the windows with a crumpled up ball of newspaper frequently takes the film off without smearing.

Also, try to leave the windows open a bit while driving and when it is parked to allow the air to circulate.

Make sure you are using outside air instead of recirculated. If there is a sweet smell coming from the vents, you could have a leaking heater core.