Is the dealer being honest with me?

I have a 2019 Genesis G-70 Sport with 3.3 t engine, appx 7000 miles. Last month I took it to the Genesis dealer in Albuquerque for the first oil change and inspection and returned to my home 200 miles away the same day. The next morning when I first started it I heard a Tic-Tic-Tic noise from the engine. My local mechanic said it is a lifter that needs adjusting. The lifter is allowing oil to drain out which causes the metal to metal Tic noise until oil is pumped up and lubricates the lifter. The tic was originally about 15 seconds and is now about 30 seconds. The dealer refuses to service it on my warranty and said don’t worry about it. Should I believe him or demand that they correct it?

Check the oil level step 1.

Nothing in the valve train should need adjusting at 7,000 miles. The dealer needs to take a look, once you make sure you have enough oil.

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However, since the dealer appears to be uncooperative, the OP really needs to contact Genesis at the corporate level. Hyundai wants to make major inroads into the BMW/Mercedes market, and as a result, I think that they will be willing to… convince… the dealership to do the right thing.

You should push back. A “don’t worry about it” is not the same as “there is no problem”. It’s a nice way of saying “there is a problem, but we don’t want to deal with it”.

Have the dealer take one of their 2020 G70s off the lot and see if it makes the same noise. If not, then they need to fix your car. If they won’t then as another person said, write to Genesis/Hyundai corporate.

I suggest that the OP contact Genesis at the corporate level via phone (contact info is contained in the Owner’s Manual), and then follow-up that phone call with a certified letter referencing the date, time, and topic of the phone call.


If the oil level is fine then you should worry about it. Continued ticking over time means the looseness will eventually start beating the hardened surfaces of lifters and cam lobes to death. Failure will follow that.

By dealer I assume you mean the service advisor at the customer service desk. Only one in a thousand of that species has a mechanical clue; or at the least the ones I’ve worked with anyway. Do not put much creedence into anything they say as it may be frequently wrong or downright BS.

As mentioned, contact the corporate offices and resolve this before it becomes a big problem; maybe after the warranty has expired.


And make a little diary of the date, time, name or job of the person you talked to and your notes on the conversation. You can do it in a word processing document on your computer or even notes in your calendar, but do keep it. If you can deal with them in writing, even email, it’s better than talking because you can keep a copy of exactly what was said. As you go up the corporate ladder records are very, very important.


Yep, document, in writing, every interaction with the dealer. You have a 10yr/100k mile drivetrain warranty, make sure you read it so you know what you need to do to keep it in force.


As a non mechanic, yes lifters can leak down after a long period of sitting, but not over-night. After sitting for about six weeks I had some lifter noise and rough idling for a few minutes until they pumped up. A repair is in your future.

One thing though in addition to checking the oil, is whether the correct oil and filter were put in.

Demanding it be corrected and having them do it could be two entirely different things.