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2016 Hyundai Genesis - Won't start

Bought the car used from CarMax in August 2019, January 11, 2020 car would not start and there was a complete electrical failure as I could not turn on lights, open the trunk, etc. Called USAA Roadside and they informed me the original battery was at 5.5V and I needed a new battery. I had one placed the same day. Wednesday Jan. 15, 2020 when starting the car there was a loud pop sound and the analog clock started spinning, however the car started and drove without incident. Thursday morning the 16th the car would not start, same as above, no lights, couldn’t pop the trunk. Road side came out again, took over 20 minutes to charge the battery and I then took it directly to Frank Hyundai in National City. They had the car for two days and said there was nothing wrong with the car. I picked it up at 5pm Friday Jan. 17th, drove home, parked in the garage and on Saturday January 18th the car again would not start! I had the car towed this time to Kearny Mesa Hyundai as they are the only authorized Genesis dealer here in San Diego. They have now had the car for two days and can’t find what is wrong with it and what is draining the battery. Hyundai will not provide me with a rental car until they diagnose and they have had the car on and off for a week now. My car is 3 years old with 25000 miles on it and well cared for. Can anyone please help??

I suspect we now know why a very low-mileage car found its way to CarMax.