2020's Ugliest Car

I was just browsing Toyota’s website, and when I looked at the Yaris, I was struck by the sheer ugliness of the shape of its front end. Seriously, the “Sporty gloss-black mesh-pattern grille” looks like the mouth of a catfish. I honestly can’t imagine an uglier shape for a front-end grill.

What’s your pick for 2020’s ugliest car? This one gets my vote.

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Many cars have some version of that mouth. I agree it’s off-putting. I haven’t looked at them all, but this one certainly deserves at least Honorable Mention!

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If you live in a state that still requires a front license plate, it is even uglier! There is no stylish place to even mount a front plate on that car.

But look at Infinity cars…

Or Audi cars;

Or Lexus;

I see an ugly trend…

Or Genesis:

Some writers love the new Sonata, I think it looks like a squashed catfish:

I like the ones that are shaped like a smile. Maybe if Toyota flipped this one upside down, it would look sporty.

I’ve seen a number of cars with this type of grill, and some of them have shapes that are downright sporty. I wish I knew which models they are.

All of those vehicles are better looking then the AMC Pacer and Gremlin. And lets not forget that Pontiac Aztek.

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I had no idea any of those cars were still in production.


I wonder if the trend towards the big axx grill coincides with the trend towards turbocharged engines? That big grill would be ideal (functionally) for getting air through an intercooler, I’d think. Or maybe some designer just liked the look…

That Sonata looks sad…literally.

I don’t think so. On many of these cars, much of what looks like a grill is actually blanked off, with no air moving through it:

Well that’s even worse. A loser in both form and function…

Although I don’t hate the look of that Audi.

Who said they? Why does it matter? They were ugly cars and hundreds of thousands of people bought them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know several people who think the Gremlin is the best looking car ever made. So what? What does it matter? As long as the manufacturer is selling them - that’s all that matters. Your opinion or my opinion doesn’t matter.

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All of those vehicles are better looking then the AMC Pacer and Gremlin. And lets not forget that Pontiac Axtek

We just thought that those car’s reached the peak of ugly little did we know.

Some of those older cars mentioned…the grills looked better! It’s just that everything behind it was far worse.

Maybe someone can photoshop an AMC grill on a new Lexus and send it over to the designers.

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I have never minded ugly in a car, you can’t see it from the drivers seat. the thing I hated about the Aztec was that they removed usable room by slanting the back to make it ugly. I didn’t find the Pacer all that vbad looking and it gave you 6 passenger space in a short car. Something you can’t get today.

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ugh… looks like you’ve got a winner!

upon looking on other candidates, it is really a tight race with new Sonata :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but all car’s look mostly the same to me if I was in a situation where I had to report say a drunk driver to the police & they asked me to desciibe the car all I would be able to tell them was the color & direction of travel.

The Buick Rendezvous was a much better execution than the Aztek.

For me, Toyota/Lexus are definitely the Queens of the Prom with their hourglass grill. Nothing comes close, thank goodness.

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I think that is it!

And designer see and another designer copy