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World's Ugliest Car (in production)

I saw a couple of these on the road over the weekend, and I think it has to be the ugliest car currently in production.


It still isn’t as ugly as the Pontiac Aztec, but they don’t make the Aztec anymore.

How do you go from Maserati Granturismo to Kia Soul, and which is the one you think is ugly?

While the Soul is no beauty, there are lots I dislike more: Honda Crosstour, Acura ZDX, Scion xB, Nissan Juke, to name a few…

Okay, I should have picked the same model I was ridiculing, but I usually like to pick something more exotic.

Tata Nano

I vote for the nissan cube.

I agree with texases on the Juke

It looks like an Aztek, Caliber, Rouge, and Canyon all had a child together

I’ll put in another vote for the Cube. My niece just bought one in the same bile/snot green as waterboy pictured in his post. They hit every detail of ugliness just right with this one, from the incongruously bulbous rear facia with the too-low tail lights to the cartoonish, asymmetrical windows. I thought the AMC Pacer was impossible to out-ugly, but Nissan managed to do it! I’d have to put a bag over my face to test drive one. The Juke and Aztek are ugly, but somehow in a fun sort of way.

On a happier note, has anyone seen the brand new, de-Bangled BMW 5-series? It’s pretty sharp!

I usually agree with Whitey, but not in this instance.

While I was almost shocked when I first saw the Kia Soul, it has actually grown on me (not like a fungus, however) in the year or so that they have been on the road. Now, they are just part of the scenery.

On the other hand, I don’t think that I could ever consider the Nissan Cube or that ridiculous-looking new Nissan Juke to be attractive. Ugh!

While I agree that the Nissan Cube isn’t going to win the Miss America pageant, when i looked it over about a year ago, the interior in it was quite nice, and visibility was really good looking out.

For someone who needs an inexpensive box to drive around in, that gets acceptable mileage, and doesn’t care about the outside looks (you can’t see the Ugly while driving it), then you can like the Cube for what it is - a comfortable driving appliance.

The interior on the Cube is much better than the interior of the Soul.
Soft touch plastics vs hard, cold feeling plastics.


The Cube isn’t the first vehicle to have an asymmetrical rear window. Check out the rear window of the Nissan Xterra. Maybe it’s a Nissan thing.

I guess the thing I hate most about the Kia Soul is the way the roof slopes downward toward the rear. In terms of practical design and aerodynamics, I don’t see why the roof shouldn’t be level.

“In terms of practical design and aerodynamics, I don’t see why the roof shouldn’t be level.”

I agree, but the slope of the roof on the Kia Soul is very mild by comparison with the late (largely unlamented) Dodge Magnum. Every time that I see one (which is admittedly rarely) I ask myself, “Why would someone buy a station wagon with a rear hatch opening so low that virtually nothing of substance would fit into the cargo area?” That Magnum was okay for carrying lumber and sacks of gravel, but there was no way that you could have loaded even a medium-sized TV into the back of it as a result of the ridiculously low roof in the rear of the car.

For that matter, the Honda Crosstour and the BMW X6 are also somewhat bizarre in this respect. If I tried to put my Labrador Retriever into the cargo area of a Crosstour or an X6, he would become a hunchback.

Naw. I vote for this as the ugliest car in production sold in the U.S…

I learned an interesting factoid about the ol’ Nash Metropolitans this weekend. The doors were interchangable! All that was necessary was to put the hinges on the other end.

My neighbor has a Magnum, and the hatch is hinged somewhat forward of the rear end of the roof. It is pretty practical. I always thought it was a cool looking car.

You can’t see the ugly, but you still know it’s there!

We looked at the Magnum - try sitting in it an looking out the back - TERRIBLE visibility. Those rear side windows are a small fraction of what they look like on the outside.

Neat looking car, though.

I have seen several cars that were sither Smart cars or very similar and looked particularly dangerous at 70 mph in heavy traffic. I have seen John Deere motorized mules that looked more substantial. Is there a steel uni-body under the Fischer Price skin?

Cars such as the Juke,Soul, and Cube whether you love it or hate it, at least have style.

On the other side of the spectrum there is always the ultimate appliance on wheels. The Honda Fit, void of any style.

Geez. I’ve lived in Europe too long. None of these cars look all the weird to me. 'Course, I’ve been numbed by frequent sightings of Puegeots and Renaults. The French should have never been informed of the invention of the automobile. And who can forgive the designer of the Mercedes Benz CLS? It’s astounding, not that someone built it, or sold it, but that someone bought it.

Well, the Juke took my breath away, and not in a good way: